Mistress Katja tramples slave's head
Mistress Katja tramples her slave's head without mercy. She starts off trampling him with her hard profile winter boots, literally crushing his face underneith her feet before she continues to trample him wearing a pair of flat followed by a pair of sneakers. In the end she tramples his head with her sexy bare feet.
Mistress Xenia tramples a guy
Mistress Xenia tramples a guy in the bedroom. She starts to trample him using her sneakers and makes him moan in pain under her shoes. The slave though his punishment was over when Xenia took her shoes off, but that was only the start for a combined sock/foot smelling and trampling session on his head and face.
Trampled and tortured by the SadoSisters
The sadistic sisters Layla and Jane trample their pathetic victim under their hard boots. Handcuffed on the floor he has no chance to escape the savage kicks and stompings of the sisters. He has to endure the pain as any disobeying behaviour will only be punished more painful!
Sue X Dream tramples her new slave
This guy wants to become Sue's new personal slave - but Sue is picky when it comes to slaves and tests him brutally. He has to lie down on the kitchen floor and she tramples him using various pairs of high heels and her bare feet. Will he be strong enough to satisfy her expectations?
Slave gets trampled by a BBW Mistress
BBW Lady Cathy tramples a slave under her massive weight. It's easy for a BBW like her to cause the slave great pain - even if she wears only flat shoes she makes him scream in pain - but she loves trampling too much to stop just because of a whining slave!
Muddy boots trampling and humiliation
Buffy and Dark Mistress want to make their victim suffer and take him to a deserted stone pit where they start to trample him wearing their sneakers and boots covered with mud. They even make him suck the mud off their shoes and use him as their human ashtray.
Sneakers Trampling and Worship
Mistress Lena makes her slave lick the dirty sneakers while she tramples him. He is lying on the ground in the woods and screams in pain when this innocent looking girl steps right on his head - compressing it between the hard ground and her cruel feet.
Girls class tramples the teacher
The girls hate their physical education lessons and when their teacher tells them to go for a long run on the outside they just push him on the ground and start to trample him wearing their running shoes. The teacher has no chance but to endure the pain!
Cruel hand trampling and jumping on slave
Mistress Maria wants to punish her slave with some severe trampling and starts by jumping on his back wearing a pair of open shoes with a wooden sole - but that's not enough for the slave so she tramples his hands brutally under these hard shoes!
Lydie tramples a slave in high heeled boots
Lydie's slave was told to meet her at the car in the parking lot - but he was too late and now Lydie punishes him by trampling him under her sexy high heeled boots. He even has to kiss and lick her boots while she's standing on his hands - causing him immense pain!